Some Ways In Which Indian Parents Need To Change

Some Ways In Which Indian Parents Need To Change

Posted by Mani Kandan on Wednesday 13, 2017 06:00 PM

Don’t teach your kids to lie about their ages

If they’re lying about not being 12 years old, then imagine how hard it will be for them to accept their age as they grow older.

Don’t blame your daughters for being molested

Most girls have at least one eve-teasing incident when their parents, instead of standing up for them, started scolding them for getting groped/pinched.

Realize education and learning are different

You can force your child to sit at home and study; this may even help your child get good grades, but it won’t turn your kid into an intelligent human being.

Stop pretending you are perfect

This sets up impossibly high standards for your kids to try to live up to. You’re basically setting them up to never be satisfied with themselves.

Learn to let go a little

So many Indian parents keep a firm hold on their children and stay heavily involved in their life decisions no matter how old they get. Give your child some breathing space.

Don’t use your kid to compete with others

Indian kids have this weird bond with their cousins where they are all a big part of each other’s lives but are more competitive than supportive. Stop it.

Lay off the emotional blackmail

It’s okay to use emotional blackmail for minor things (like when you’re feeling too lazy to get something from the next room), but don’t use it to crush your kids.

Talk openly and honestly with children about life

This will help build a relationship of trust between you and your child. If they ever need help and advice, you’ll be the one they turn to first.

Don’t give them repeated punishment for one mistake

Yes, it is your duty to teach your child right from wrong, but to keep punishing them for one mistake and constantly reminding them of it will affect their emotional growth.

Don’t badmouth your spouse in front of them

Everyone gets annoyed with their spouse and they need to vent, but remember that you’re teaching your kid to disrespect a parent – and you are one too.

Realize that they can be unmarried and happy

Indian parents think of marriage as ‘one solution fits all’, but they need to stop forcing their children to get married. Some can find their happiness in a single life.

Grandchildren won’t make your lives better

Once married, most Indian parents want grandchildren in an express delivery. But your hurry may force a couple to rush into something they aren’t ready for yet.

Love can transcend caste, religion, geography, gender, color, etc

Setting boundaries for your kids can be a good thing, but don’t overdo it, especially when it comes to love. See their chosen person for who they are instead of their family background.

Don’t breed hatred

You may have been taught to hate a certain religious group, a skin color or even a whole community but you can choose to not pass that hatred on to your kids.

Don’t teach them to harass people

Parents sometimes involve their kids in their petty disputes or will ask them to harass others. If you do this then don’t be surprised if your kids turn out to be awful people.

Teach your daughters to be independent

Yes the situation in our country makes you want to guard your daughter more fiercely but if you don’t teach her to stand on her own, she’ll only be easier to crush.

Stop over-feeding your kids

Indian parents have some vision problem that makes them see their perfectly normal kids as anorexic; thus, they will feed a kid till the kid looks like a balloon, a heavy balloon.