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With the increase in crime against children, most of the parents are concerned about their child’s safety when at school and at play. Parents must be vigilant and know the whereabouts of their children all the time. They need to watch out for their children especially when they are outside. In order to overcome the unending woes & worries of parents, Primesys Technologies has introduced MyKiddyTracker, which provides peace of mind to the parents in terms of safety of their kids.

MyKiddyTracker is a smart GPS TRACKING application, that allows the parents to track their kids on their phone and through web portal using computer; thus keeping parents aware of their kid’s location all the time.

Apart from safety, our family locator app is designed to improve relationship between parents and school by timely / effective communication module and improve efficiency of teacher by providing digital diary option along with providing easy way of handling school administration activities.

It also provides web platform where users can track, communicate with friends / schools. Even web platform is very useful for schools to broadcast messages to all parents and also to perform school administration activities.

Usage of this app is not limited to tracking kids, but it can also be used for personal tracking/vehicle tracking as our robust platform allows tracking hundreds of devices from one single platform.

Easy setup

Download the app from the Google Play Store, Create your account, Track your kids/vehicles on a single click.

Follow the Steps below - Parents Teachers Communication
  1. download and install app from play store
  2. create account
  3. Track your child with a single click


Easy real time communication between parents, teachers and the principle with a single click. Thus taking the communication between the parent and the school to a completely different level..

  • Parents’ benefits : Effective parent-teacher communication, ensures increased involvement of parents in their kids academic success
  • Teacher Benefits : With communication made so convenient with parents, school teachers always have the privilege to check on students & get the best out of their efforts in making sure students learn most.

Social connects

By creating personal/family groups you can always stay connected with the other parents/friends.

Parents Teachers Communication Parents Teachers Communication.

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